Shimano Deore SL-M5100 11 Speed Shift Lever

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Shimano Deore SL-M5100 11 Speed Shift Lever

The Deore SL-M5100 11 Speed Shift Lever provides light and responsive shifting at a very affordable price-point. The new Deore range benefits from the trickle-down of technology from Shimano's higher-end components with 2-way release and the ability to shift up to 3 gears at a time via the main lever. The shifter also offers improved cockpit integration with the option of mounting directly to the brake lever via the I-Spec EV system. 

Who's this item for: This shifter is recommended for use with the Deore M5100 drivetrain but it's a great choice for anyone that running a Shimano 11 speed setup and needs to replace their shifter.

Number of gears: The M5100 is an 11-speed shifter. See the link below if you're after the 12-speed (M6100) Deore shifter.

Materials: Aluminium bracket, shell and glass fibre reinforced polymer lever body and base cover.

Mount style: Available in both 22.2mm and I-Spec EV mounting options.

What's in the box? Shifter, shifter cable, cable housing, cable crimp, and end caps.

Pros: Similar technology and shifting performance as you'd find on Shimano's top-end offerings at a fraction of the price.