Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle 59ml

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For deep penetration into your bicycle's hard-to-reach moving parts Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant is now available in this convenient drip bottle complete with a convenient directional-flow straw to help get your lube into the tightest of spots where your bearings, chains and cables live.

Protects, lubricates & cleans your bike for optimum performance
This light viscosity lube consists of high-grade petroleum oils to provide optimum lubrication under extreme temperatures (-60 to 475°F) and humidity. It is formulated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E.) for elite wet weather performance. Other solvents work to soften and remove dirt and other contaminants. Also included are special additives to displace moisture and prevent rust and unwanted corrosion. With triple action cleaning, protecting and lubricating to maximise the performance of your bike, Tri-Flow products are there to get you movin' - and keep you going.


• Protects, lubricates & cleans your bike for optimum performance
• Light viscosity lube for deep penetration
• Elite wet weather performance
• High-grade petroleum oils provide optimum lubrication
• Displaces moisture
• Prevents rust
• Works best under extreme temperatures (-60 to 475°F) and humidity
• Special additives displace moisture and prevent rust/corrosion
• Formulated with P.T.F.E.

• Bottle Dimensions: 110 x 40 x 30mm
• Bottle Volume: 2oz | 59mL
• Weight: 67g
• Country of Manufacture: USA