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The Prime8 Skate Tool is the perfect companion to tune your skateboard with ease! This all in one multi-tool is made from stainless steel so it will last. Featuring a reversible ratchet tool to adjust your kingpin and axle nuts, a socket wrench for your hardware has a cut out to come in sideways for those tricky nuts and oversized bolts. The Allen and Phillips driver fits in snug making it nice and compact. To top this multi-tool off you get a bearing puller to help insert and remove your bearings. All packed into this compact well-designed tool!

• Ratchet system for easy tightening, adjusting and loosening
• Heavy-duty stainless steel frame
• Precision bearing pusher
• Grip tape file
• 3/8" socket for truck bolts
• 1/2" socket for truck axle nuts
• 9/16" socket for kingpin nuts
• Phillips 1/8" / Allen L shaped pull out tool