Haro Group 1 Vintage Stem Black

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Haro continue to roll out the Genuine Vintage line of reproduction old school classics and the Group 1 stem, based on the original 1987 stem, is one of their best yet.

The Vintage Group 1 Stem has been built to replicate the original stem used on all Haro bikes back in the mid to late 80's. Made from the same spec and material as our original stem, only difference being the logo is now perfect and the 1" quill is date stamped. 
•  Standard 21.1mm shaft for 1 inch threaded BMX forks. 
•  Technically 1987 but would still finish off an earlier Sport, Master or FST well, especially with the Freestyler bars. 
•  Hollow bolt for "Potts Mod". 
•  Suppliers in special box with die cut foam.