100% Accuri 2 Enduro MTB Goggles Black/Clear

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100% Accuri 2 Enduro MTB Goggles Black/Clear Vented Dual Lens


Dual Lense For Reduced Fog The Accuri 2 Enduro takes the features of the Accuri 2 and develops the goggles to be better suited to situations faced by Enduro riders. The goggles use dual lenses to reduce the amount of fog that builds up in the lense. The dual lense helps to greatly reduce fog and keeps a clear line of sight whilst riding technical terrain. The lenses are vented to further reduce fogging. Value Meets Performance A flexible urethane frame has been used to create and strong and robust package that can withstand sustained use. The frame is paired with an ultra-thick foam that seals well and wicks away sweat. A 9 point retention system secures the lens in the frame and also features triple post tear-offs posts.


• Clear lens • Vented lenss

• Dual lens Design

• 45mm Wide Silicone Coasted Strap

• Ultra Thick Foam

• 9-Point Lens Retention System

• Includes Extra Clear lens

• Microfiber Carry Bag