Plan B Official Pinstripe 8.25 Skateboard Complete

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Plan B - Official Pinstripe 8.25"

Plan B was founded in 1991 by Myke Ternasky who built up one of the best teams ever in the history of skateboarding. His legacy continues with riders like Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Chris Cole, Danny Way, Chris Joslin and more. Plan B’s  mission to continually support and push the boundaries of skateboarding has been a success through their brand and team, always looking for skaters that push the boundaries of what can be done on a skateboard.

Your dreams of getting on the Plan B Pro team begins here. The Galaxy complete is the perfect starter setup at 8″ for core technical street skating. Premium parts at a cheap as chips price for a board that will not let you down in the skate park or on the street!


Width: 8.25″
Length: 32.25″
Wheelbase: 14.25″
Nose: 6.75″
Tail: 6.258″


5.25″ Silver Plan B Trucks
52mm x 100a Plan B wheels
Abec 5 Plan B bearings
7/8″ Black Hex bolts
Regular Black Griptape