Juice Lubes Disc Brake Cleaner 600 ml

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Juice Lubes Disc Brake Cleaner  600 ml

The nightclub bouncer for buggered brakes. Brake Juice is a dirty great big can of ‘sorry mate, not tonight’ for squeaky stoppers and dicky discs, standing guard in your tool box ready for trouble.

Brake Juice drives out grime and drives life back into your brakes leaving them sharper, cleaner and quieter. It kicks out annoying squeaks and squeals, sticky residue and knackered paintwork.


Suitable for use on all braking systems.
Restores/improves braking performance.
Low in toxicity so does not damage brake pads, seals or component parts.
Prolongs disc pad and rotor life.
Fast acting. The product evaporates quickly leaving no residue on surfaces.
Rapidly removes contaminants such as oil, grease, road film, brake fluid, brake dust, trail grime and general undesirable muck.
Does not corrode or cause oxidisation to metal.
Safe to use on metals, plastic, carbon fibre, anodised and painted surfaces.
Cures/prevents brake squeal – any small squeaking after use will soon disappear once some heat is generated through use.