FUNN Kingpin Alloy Bars 31.8mm, 810mm wide

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FUNN Kingpin Alloy Bars


The Kingpin alloy bar from FUNN is the next iteration of the cult favourite Fatboy series. FUNN have redesigned the Kingpin to be stiffer, lighter and stronger than the previous Fatboy's whilst still providing a good level of compliance.

Who's this for: These bars are capable of providing DH level performance but will suit any riders looking for a good value, strong and wide alloy bar.

Material: Supreme 7 Alloy.

Width: 810mm.

Sweep: 8 degrees back, and 5.5 degrees up.

Rise: 15mm.

Markings: Marks in the centre for stem alignment. Cut marks on each end to cut to your desired length.

Clamping diameter: 31.8mm